The Nebraska School Counselor Association (NSCA) understands that school counselors often times put their students first and take greater joy in the spot light shining on their students than having it shine on themselves.  With that in mind NSCA can not think of a better benefit to being an NSCA member than offering three $500 scholarships to high seniors whose school counselor is a member of NSCA.  The scholarships are spread out by school size ensuring this benfit is shared equally regardless of the size of school or part of the state the student and counselor are in.  One scholarship is awarded to a senior form a Class A school, one from a Class B school and one for a Class C/D school.  The recipient must attend an accreddicted post-secondary instituion the year immediately after their senior year of high school.  Again, the student's school counselor mush be a member of NSCA.

2024 American School
Counselor Conference

Kansas City, Missouri