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NSCA Podcast Titled:
"School Counseling in Nebraska"

E.1 November 08, 2022 The War On SEL Dr. Catherine Jones-Hazledine joins host Loni Watson 
E.2 November 28, 2022 Are The Kids Alright? Adminsitering SEL Screeners and Check Ins in School Loni Watson
E.3 December 21, 2022 Supporting LGBTQ+ Students in Schools Dr. Catherine Jones-Hazledine joins host Loni Watson 
E.4 March 6, 2023 2023 Nebraska School Counselor of the Year Talks  School Counseling and Advocacy Kara Hahn joins host Loni Watson 
E.5 March 10, 2023 Critical Legislative Issues in the Unicameral Doug Hauserman joins host Jake Willems 
E.6 March 19, 2023 Practical Approaches for Creating an Environment Where Kids Can Thrive Josh MacNeil joins host Loni Watson
E.7 April 2, 2023 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Tips for Incorporating Them Jake Willems
E.8 April 24, 2023 Student Mental Health Betty White joins guest host Rachel Catlett
E.9 May 18, 2023 8 to Great an 8-step Success Skills Process Michael Garcia joins hos Loni Watson
E.10 August 21, 2023 School Counselor Ethics ASCA Ethics Chair, Dr. Wendy Rock joins guest host Rachel Catlett
E.11 September 4, 2023 Podcast Host Share Most Recent Favorite Read, Listens and Watches Hosts Loni Watson and Jake Willems
E.12 September 17, 2023 School Counselor Boundaries with Cell Phones, Social Media and E-mail. Hosts Loni Watson and Jake Willems

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