Day at the State Capitol

On March 4, 2024 NSCA held its annual Day at the Capitol.  The intent of the day is to educate lawmakers about comprehensive school counseling programs, the role of the school counselor and how both benefit Nebraska students.  Members of the NSCA Governing Board, staff, and Advocacy and Government Relations Committee along with the 2023 Elementary, Middle and High School Counselors of the Year converged on the Capitol with this goal in mind.  Over the years NSCA has learned that legislators are more likely to meet with and listen to our members when the conversation is based around a particular piece of legislation rather than just wanting to talk about the role of the school counselor.   This year attendees talked with lawmakers about how passage of LB1322 would allow school counselors to spend their 80% of their time on direct/indirect services to students and 20% of their time on program planning/school support as outlined in the ASCA National Model.  Attendees also spoke out against LB 1065 which if passed would allow schools to hire chaplain to fill to role of a school counselor.  Both pieces of legislation provided a golden opportunity to educate about the role, training and positive impact of certified school counselors. 

NSCA Assistant Executive Directors, Katie Cameron and Malinda Jean Baptiste
Speak with the Chair of the Education Committee, Sen. Dave Murman
While High School Cousnelor of the Year, Kevin Fields, and 
NSCA Board Chair, Rachel Catlett, Look On.

Kevin Fields (NSCA High School Counselor of the Year), Katie Meredith (NSCA Middle School Counselor of the
Year) and Camie Oelsligle (NSCA Elementary School Counselor of the Year) sit in the Galley of the Legistive
Chamber along with NSCA Board and Staff waiting to be recognized from the floor for their accomplishments


2024 American School
Counselor Conference

Kansas City, Missouri