Advocacy Resources

This page contains resources that can be used when advocating with elected officials, administrators, teachers and parents.

Role of the School Counselor - This ASCA publication provides a summary of the Role of the School Counselor.  It is aligned with the 4th Edition of the ASCA National Model.

ASCA National Model Executive Summary - This ASCA publication provides an overview of the 4th Edition of the ASCA National Model.  It is a quick read and a great tool to use when you are educating administrators and other stakeholders on the model.

ASCA Position Statements - ASCA has 52 position statements on a wide range of school counseling related issues.  Each statement clearly defines the role of the school as it pertains to the topic of the statement making them a great tool for advocating with administrators, lawmakers, and other stakeholders.  The most recent additions to the collection of position statements were added in July of 2023 and include:  Military-Connected StudentsSchool Resource Officers; and Universal Screening.  The most recently updated (July of 2023) position statements are:  Academic DevelopmentCareer DevelopmentIdentification, Prevention & Intervention of Behaviors That are Harmful and Place Students At-RiskRetention, Social Promotion and Age-Appropriate Placement; School Counseling Programs; Social/Emotional Development; Student Safety with Digital Technology; Virtual School Counseling.

Emperical Studies on the Effectiveness of School Counseling - Visiting this site shows you some of the most current and relevant research on the effectiveness of school counselors and comprehensive school counseling programs.

The School Counseling Analysis, Leadership and Evaluation (SCALE) Research Center - SCALE is an interactive tool focusing on the facilitation and dissemination of school counseling research evidence-based practices demonstrating the connection between comprehensive and develomental school counseling programs and students success.  SCALE was development and is maintained by the American School Counselor Association.

Nebraska State Board of Education's Position Statement on School Counseling - This position statement amongst other things encourages the implementation of a K-12 Comprehensive Shool Counseling Program based on the ASCA National Model in all Nebraska Schools.

Nebraska School Counseling State Evaluation - School Counseling Does Make a Difference!  - This research conducted by the Center for School Counseling Outcome Research University of Massachusetts shows the contribution of Nebraska High School Counseling Programs and student outcomes.

Nebraska Department of Education Rule 10 - Regulations and Procedures for the Accreditation of Schools - Rule 10 has a section on school district requirements for accreditation as it relates to school counseling programs and school counselor staffing requirments.  This particular section can be found on Pages 24-26.

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