Types of Membership

There Are 5 Types Of Memberships

1.  Active Membership -  Active members must hold a Master's degree or higher in counseling or the substantial equivalent and meet one or more of the following requirements:  be credentialed as a school counselor by the state; be employed as a school counselor or supervisor of school counselors; or be employed as a counselor educator in a graduate program that prepares school counselors and devotes 50% or more of his/her time to counseling and or guidance activities; or a personnel worker endorsed in guidance and counseling or who meets the current standards for a guidance and counseling endorsement as prescribed by the Nebraska State Department of Education; or any individual who meets the qualifications for regular or professional memebership in the American School Counseling Association. This is a voting membership type.

2.  Student Membership - A student member must be engaged in a planned program of counselor education designed to result in a Master's degree in counseling.  They must be enrolled in a counseling program for at least four and one half months of the year and NOT employed in a full time position or any individual who meets the qualifications for student membership in the American School Counseling Association.  This is a non-voting membership type.

3.  Retired Membership - These are members who are retired and met the requirements of an Active Member when working.  This is a voting membership type

4.  Affiliate Membership - Any individual interested in guidance and/or counseling but does not qualify for one of the other memberships. This is a non-voting membership type.

5.  Allied Membershp - Any corporation or business interested in supporting the goals of NSCA.  This is a non-voting membership type.

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