Governing Board

Chair of the Board
Bethany Seehusen
School Counselor
Columbus High School
Columbus Public Schools

Vice-Chair of the Board
Rachel Catlett
Counselor Educator
Doane University


Secretary of the Board
Julie Schiltmeyer
School Counselor
Pope John XXIII Central Catholic
Elgin, Nebraska


Board Member
Dr. Don Ferree
School Counselor

Omaha Northwest High School
Omaha Public Schools


Board Member
April Knust
School Counselor

Neligh-Oakdale Jr./Sr. High School
Neligh-Oakdale Public Schools


Board Member
Felicia Nofuente
School Counselor
Betz Elementary School
Bellevue Public Schools


Board Member
Loni Watson

School Counselor
Chadron High School
Chadron Public Schools


Board Member
Dr. Tami Wegener
School Counselor

York High School
York Public Schools


Board Member
Jake Willems
School Counselor
Aurora High School
Aurora Public Shcools



WIthin the Policy Governance Model the board has 5 primary responsibilities:
  1. The board creates a linkage with the membership to help determined the future direction of the association.
  2. The board does research based off existing knowledge and beliefs to write Ends policies which identify The Board's desired accomplishments for NSCA.
  3. The Board writes policies that guide how The Board will govern, what is delegated to the Executive Director, what NSCA should accomplish, and what parameters are placed on the Executive Director.
  4. The board rigorously monitors what is delegated to the Executive Director and the paramenters the board has placed on the Executive Director.
  5. The board is responsible for itself and collectively monitors their own conduct against its own policies.

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