Executive Director

            Doug Hauserman has served as the Executive Director for the Nebraska School Counselor Association since the association created the position in 2017.  Prior to being named the Executive Director, Doug served on the Board of Directors for the American School Counselors Association for six years, two of those as the Assistant Chair of the Board.  Through that experience he worked with numerous experts on the Policy Governance Model including Miriam Carver, one of the co-developers of the model.  Doug has also held numerous other leadership positions within the Nebraska School Counselor Association including serving as the President for the 2008-2009 school year.
            Doug spent the first 11 years of his career in education as a music instructor, primarily instrumental music, in rural, suburban and urban school districts in Nebraska.  In 2004 he took his first job as a school counselor at Westside High School in Omaha.  After nine years as a high school counselor, Doug transferred to Westside Middle School in 2013 where he has served as a middle school ever since.  Doug holds a Masters of Science in School Counseling from the University of Nebraska – Omaha and a Bachelor of Music Education from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln.  Contact Doug


Within the Policy Governance Model the Executive Director serves as the link between the Governing Board and the army of volunteers that make NSCA a vibrant and successful association.   Through Ends Policies the Governing Board informs the Executive Director what they would like the global accomplishments of the association to be.  The Governing Board also sets parameters for which the Executive Director must operate within while accomplishing the Ends Policies.  These parameters are set through writing of Executive Limitations Policies.  The Governing board then steps back and it becomes the responsible of the Executive Director, in collaboration with and with help from NSCA's numerous volunteer committees, to determine how to accomplish the Ends Policies written by the board.  The Executive Director, along with the volunteers under his/her leadership are also responsible for managing the finances of the association and membership as well.  The Board does rigorously monitor the Executive Director to ensure he/she is accomplishing what the board has said within the parameters it has set.

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