COVID-19 Resources for School Counselors

Message from NSCA regarding COVID-19

The Nebraska School Counselor Association is prepared to support Nebraska School Counselors through these unprecedented times and the uncharted territory that school counselors and schools in general face.  We plan to lead the coming together of school counselors from across Nebraska to share ideas and work together to ease the burden that the COVID-19 places on school counselors.  Below you will find multiple resources for school counselors including documents from the American School Counselor Association (ASCA), information on virtual counseling practices, information for schools regarding COVID-19, resources for creating online lessons for students, and eventually we hope to have sample virtual/distance learning lessons that you can use to deliver your classroom guidance lessons in the event of long-term closure of schools.  This webpage will be continually updated as information changes and as we find additional resources.  Specifically, we are prepared to support school counselors in the following ways:
          1.  We plan to use our website as a way for school counselors to share classroom guidance lessons to be used through distance learning during school closures.  Please, please, please, share any lessons you create for distance learning by sending them to  Include the intended grade level, topic and attach lesson documents, etc.  They will be posted on this webpage.  If each counselor in Nebraska wrote 3 distance learning lessons, we would have in excess of 2400 lessons over a variety of topics for all of us to use.  By coming together, we can help each other by sharing the burden of writing distance learning lessons.
          2.  NSCA will provide updated resources and information on our website.
          3.  NSCA wants to hear from you as to what you need during this time and we will do what we can to support you.  E-mail your needs or suggestions to Doug Hauserman at  Also if you come across a great resource you think we should share on our website, please send that to Doug Hauserman as well.


Key Organizations' COVID-19 Resource Pages:

Nebraska Department of Education COVID-19 Resource Page:  Communication to schools, resources for schools, resources for students and much more from NDE.

American School Counselor Association COVID-19 Resource Page: School counselor specific resources provided by ASCA.


Virtual Counseling Resources:

FAQ's Virtual School Counseling Ethics:  The American School Counselor Association (ASCA) has compiled answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding ethics for school counselors working in a temporary virtual setting. 

Planning for Virtual/Distance School Counseling During an Emergency Shutdown:  ASCA has released a document to guide school counselors in planning for and delivering a comprehensive school counseling program during extended school closure. - If you and your student(s) have access to a computer with a camera this free platform can be used to see your students as you provide 1:1 virtual counseling.  It also has the capability of involving multiple people for small groups of students.  The free service is most likely sufficient.  However, NSCA uses this platform for a very low monthly cost to conduct board meetings, interviews, committee meetings, etc. and have never had any problems.

ASCA Ethical Standards for School Counselors - Section A.15 of the ASCA Ethical Standards for School Counselors specifically addresses your ethical obligations while conducting virtual counseling.

ASCA Position Statement on Virtual School Counseling - ASCA has over 40 position statements on a variety of topics.  This one specifically addresses virtual counseling which you may be called upon to do during an extended closure of your school.

It's A Virtual World - This ASCA article provides insight on the challenges and pitfalls associated with virtual counseling that a school counselor should be aware of before entering into a virtual counseling relationship.


Supporting Students During A Pandemic:

Tips for Parents During the COVID-19 Pandemic:  Check out NSCA's newly released document that provides 9 tips for parents to support their children duirng the pandemic.

Share My Lesson:  This link has videos, discussion questions, and news updates on the CORVID-19 to use in the classroom.

NPR Comic on Exploring Coronavirus:  This link provides a short comic just for kids helping them to understand the Coronavirus.

Helping Children Cope with Stress During the 2019-nCoV Breakout:  This is a one page document from the World Health Organization full of great tips for parents (and counselors).

Coping with Stress During an Infectious Disease Outbreak:  This document was produced by SAMHSA during the Ebola outbreak but is applicable to the current pandemic as well.

Explaining Coronavirus to Kids:  This short YouTube video produced by the CDC could be used by parents or counselors to help younger students understand the virus.
Sample Google Forms for Student Check-in During School Closure  Week 1  Week 2- Tasha Osten, School Counselor at Raymond Central Jr/Sr High School shared this Google form she sent to her student to assist her in checking in with them.  She told us, "I have gotten some good feedback.  Kids who normaly just say hi and go on their way, have requested contact....  I have been able to reach kids that don't reach out to me."

Sample Google Form for Initial Student Check-in During School Closure - Janae Solomon, School Counselor at McCook High School, sent this Google Form out to her students for a week 1 check.  She plans to modify the form weekly for a check in with students. 

Sample Counselor Google Site for Use During COVID-19 Related School Closure - Kara Lane, School Counselor at Westside Middle School in Omaha shared this way to easily provide multiple resources to student who are at home during an extended school closure.

Virtual Lesson Supports:

5 Tips for Families as They Transition to Home Learning: Parents may be overwhelmed with taking on the additional responsibility of being a homeschool teacher.  Here are 5 tips for them.

Resources for Teaching Online Due to School Closures:  This post on provides tips and resources for online lessons.

Educator Temporary School Closure for Online Learning Facebook GroupOver 70,000 members and over 2,000 helpful posts.


Virtual/Distance Learning Lessons for Your Use:

Please send NSCA any virtual/distance learning lessons you create and are willing to share.  We will post them here.  TOGETHER Nebraska School Counselors have the capacity to quickly create a series of virtual guidance classroom lessons to ease our transition to distance learning during school closures.  Share you lesson by emailing it to Doug Hauserman at

Strengthening Family Connections Lesson - Thank you MaryBeth Ferree, Elementary School Counselor at Picotte Elementary School in the Omaha Public School District for sharing this lesson.  This K-6 lesson on family connections is designed to be worked on with a parent/guarding leading it.

Career Exploration Lesson (Elementary/Middle) - Thank you MaryBeth Ferree, Elementary School Counselor at Picotte Elementary School in the Omaha Public School District for sharing this career exploration lesson.

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