Committee Chairs

Governance Committees - These committees report directly to the Governing Board

Audit Committee
Dr. Tami Wegener, Chair

Bylaws Committee
Felicia Nofuente, Chair

Nominations and Elections Committee
Loni Watson, Chair

Operational Committee - These committees report directly to the Assistant Executive Directors

Academy Committee
Malinda Jean Baptiste, Stephanie Flint, Cari Hagemoser, Co-Chairs

Elementary Conference Committee
MJ Matthews, Chair

Advocacy and Government Relations Committee
Brenda Anderson, Lori Hemmett, Co-Chairs

Podcast Committee
Loni Watson, Chair

Professional Recognition Committee
Angie Kruse, Chair

Professional Standards and Ethics Committee
Nishja Nuss, Ruth Mumm, Co-Chairs

Scholarship Committee
Diane Fogleman, Chair


Within the Policy Governance Model, the Governing Board uses committees sparingly and when they are used it is to support the work of the board.  Specifically the NSCA Governing Board has three standing committees that help support the board in their governing efforts, the Audit, Bylaws, and Nominations and Elections committees.  These committees are composed of Governing Board Members.  Their tasks are assigned and monitored by the Governing Board.

The remaining NSCA committees, work under the leadership of the Executive Direcotor.  These committees help the Executive Director accomplish the Ends Policies set by the board.  The committee chairs work with the Executive Director to plan the activities, events and avenues the association will take to accomplish the Ends Policies.  NSCA will always be an organization of volunteers that make it a vibrant organization.  Members of these operational committees are the worker bees that make things happen for NSCA.

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