The Nebraska School Counselor Association is affiliated with the
American School Counselor Association (ASCA), the national division. 

Our Mission: The mission of NSCA shall be to provide professional development and educational opportunities for professional school counselors. The organization shall be to represent professional school counselors and to promote professional and ethical practices. The NSCA is the foundation to foster and influence a professional relationship and image among school counselors.  NSCA empowers professional school counselors to maximize the knowledge, skills, and resources to promote and advocate for student success in the school, home, community and world. 

Our Bylaws: Click here for the Bylaws

NSCA Board Policies: Click here for current policies

2015-2020 NSCA Strategic Plan:  
This five year plan was developed by the governing board during their annual retreat in 2015.  It is the plan that will drive board decisions over a five year period.  It consists of the following four goals that are consistent with our mission statement:

  1. Provide professional development opportunities to all Nebraska school counselors
  2. Provide member services to school counselors in Nebraska
  3. Advocate for school counselors by educating legislative and school policy makers and other stakeholders about the comprehensive school counseling program
  4. Promote greater use of accountability strategies that monitors student achievement and evaluates the impact of school counseling programs